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Picard's interest in this theorem goes beyond the difficulty of the puzzle; he also feels humbled that despite their advanced 24th century technology, they are still unable to solve a problem set forth by a man who had no computer. He then summarizes the ending of the novel, explaining that the hotel is bought out. Garmon described it a "travesty" and that the "nicest" thing you could say about the episode was that it was the last time there was a flashback episode in the series and the last appearance of Pulaski. The away team passes through the door to enter into the lobby of a casino bustling with life. "Yeah! Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. The assistant manager says that they are on Earth, rather than Theta VIII, then leaves to sort mail. Riker reports that they are having good luck but Picard warns them to stay in character. The fifteen-striped "Star-Spangled Banner" flown over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 was the last such flag, and since then, all flags, then returning to thirteen instead of fifteen stripes, have had the familiar arrangement of the field being to the left of the first seven stripes and resting on the eighth, a white. The Away Team beams down to a building on a nearby planet, hoping to find a connection between the structure and the ship fragment. Riker explains that the novel is being played out around them. Data returns to the blackjack table from before and asks Texas where he is from and how he got to the hotel. The bellboy denies being afraid of Mickey D and the assistant manager tells him he is a fool for not being so. This diversion was caused by a report from a Klingon cruiser regarding the discovery of a strange vessel in the atmosphere of the planet below. Data comes over, and the man puts his own ten-gallon hat on Data's head, inviting him to join the game. Initial scans of the planet by Geordi La Forge show it to be quite inhospitable: nitrogen, methane, liquid neon, surface temperature −291 °Celsius, and wind speeds up to 312 meters per second. Back on the planet, Data advises that they should beam back up. Worf, Data and Riker find themselves trapped in a recreation of a poorly written novel. Obviously, they thought this was the world from which I came. The Away Team beams down to a building on a nearby planet, hoping to find a connection between the structure and the ship fragment. Was this review helpful to you? Star Trek: The Royale Episode: "The Royale" Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation. "When the train comes in, EVERYBODY rides!". "Can you take me there? Troi says that she does not currently feel that he is in any danger. A mission report for this episode by Patrick Daniel O'Neill was published in. Worf asks where they are and how the assistant manager got there. If so, for what purpose? She then worries that she's almost lost all of her money. It was never heard from again after its telemetry failed. Texas, however, feels confident in their ability and wants him to roll again. Add to basket Add. Riker asks if he can win them the money they need and Data believes he can. Directed by It was the third manned attempt to leave the confines of Earth's solar system. 1. Whatever it is, the episode definitely carried a feeling of weirdness. When Riker asks by whom, Picard explains that it is not specific, the novel just says that foreign investors bought it for 12.5 million dollars then return home, leaving the assistant manager in charge. Mickey D and the bellboy finally agree to go outside. He and O'Brien then pick up the large chunk of hull beamed aboard from the transporter pad and turn it to face the captain, revealing the word NASA and the flag of the old United States of America (notably containing 52 stars) on the panel. 0 of 8 people found this review helpful. Data says that they are not illusions; they do exist, but they are neither machines nor Human. Back in the hotel, Data suggests that they try to blend in with the other guests in an attempt to learn something useful. He walks to the slain bellboy, telling him that Rita wasn't worth dying for (but is worth killing for), then he leaves. The assistant manager says it will not work, but the bell boy will have none of it. "The Royale" Texas insists that this is foolish but Data asks for the card anyway. The Enterprise cannot communicate with them or beam them up. He then cuts the deck single-handed, also amusing the other two. They soon find that they are trapped there and cannot exit. What do you call it?" Picard understands the problem and then expressed wonder at the difficulty of the calculations La Forge is running through the computer. The away team then receives their room keys and a few casino chips. Mickey D enters through the revolving door and walks over to the bellboy. As they explore the hotel, they find the remains of a human, dead for several centuries. With their roles finished, they finally leave through the revolving doors and beam back up to the ship. In the closet, Worf finds the man's uniform. ", "Look who's talking. Wesley Crusher • Data • Geordi La Forge • Mickey D • Miles O'Brien • Jean-Luc Picard • Katherine Pulaski • William T. Riker • Stephen Richey • Texas • Deanna Troi • Vanessa • Worf • Ziggy (Royale) • USS Enterprise-D computer • illusory Humans (Royale assistant manager, Royale bellboy) • unnamed USS En… This diversion was caused by a report from a Klingon cruiser regarding the discovery of a strange vessel in the atmosphere of the planet below. Commander William T. Riker asks to be kept informed so that they might resume their mission in a timely fashion. £22.80. Written by I found it funny that the chunk of debris that they beamed aboard the Enterprise that had a US flag on it was incorrectly drawn. Back on the ship, Riker visits Picard in his ready room. The 52-star United States flag seen in "The Royale" is unusual in that the field of stars rests on a red stripe instead of a white stripe. He tells them that they are at the Royale and that his personal life is none of their business. Riker visits Captain Jean-Luc Picard in his ready room to report only to find Picard puzzling over Fermat's last theorem. In-universe date His image was kept alive in the fantasy setting to be entertained by the, In the final draft script, when summarizing the novel's content, Data also gives a review: ", La Forge states that Theta 116 has a surface temperature of −291 °C. The away team goes over to a nearby craps table where Texas and the lady from the blackjack game are playing. Killing for, not dying for. "Earth. Guide to the Star Trek The Next Generation(TNG) episode The Royale. The US flag on the debris had 8 rows of stars: 4 rows of 7, and 4 rows of 6 totaling 52 stars. First aired: 27 March 1989 Royale, The In an unmapped solar system, the U.S.S Enterprise discovers a jagged chunk of metal bearing a United States Air Force insignia. Riker explains that they cannot, but maintains that they are not in danger. Data calculates that they would have only twelve seconds before the hazardous atmosphere of the planet rushed in and killed them. When the Enterprise is advised by a passing Klingon vessel of strange debris in orbit around a nearby planet, they investigate only to find a piece of a NASA spacecraft emblazoned with the US flag. When the Enterprise is advised by a passing Klingon vessel of strange debris in orbit around a nearby planet, they investigate only to find a piece of a NASA spacecraft emblazoned with the US flag. Wesley Crusher reports over the comm that they have found a structure on the surface of the planet and that the building is situated on frozen methane in the middle of a structure. “None of it makes any sense, sir,” Riker succinctly states before the credits role on The Royale. Riker explains that they meant what planet they are on. Riker allows him to use a phaser to try to blast through but even on the highest setting, the phaser still leaves no signs of damage. Freya Betts is the illustrator of Royal Mail’s Star Trek stamps. Star Trek The Next Generation episode transcripts. Riker, Data and Worf beam down to the surface only to find a single revolving door leading them to the casino floor in the Hotel Royale. The cards are dealt and the young woman becomes worried. TREKCORE > TNG > Images. That temperature is below, The idea of an advanced alien race recreating a suitable environment from a wayward astronaut's cultural artifacts in which to live out his final days was first detailed by notable science fiction author, Data's gambling in the casino is similar to another script written by Roddenberry. The fact that the structure is surrounded by breathable air baffles Riker, but he still advises that he take an away team down. The kid insists that he will make Mickey D leave Rita alone. Riker then reports the novel that they have found, which Data then summarizes. Now freelance and represented by illustration agency Jelly, the Star Trek stamps are her latest commission. Format: VHS Tape. Data starts to ask a lady if she knows of another exit, but she leaves. "Vegas? ", Seven billion years ago; 16th century; 20th century; 21st century; 1991; 2033; 2037; 2044; 2082; .45 automatic; access point; ace; AD; affair; air; alien lifeform; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; "all right"; American; American flag; ammonia; amount; amusement; analysis; answer; "ante up": antique; apology; arrogance; assistant manager; "at any rate"; atmosphere; "at random"; "at this point"; automobile; Baba, Ali; baggage man; bank; beam-down coordinates; bellboy; benefactor; blackjack; book; building; Caddy; car; carbon; casino; casino chips; Celsius; Cernan; chance; Charybdis; choice; class; cliché; climax; cocktail waitress; cold-blooded; colonel; Colt Detective Special; "come in"; commanding officer; communication line; complaint; computation; computer; concierge; conspiring; contact; contamination; corruption; course; craps; creature; crime; croupier; crying; cut; cube; cryogenics; danger; daydreaming; dealer; death; debris; Decatur; deceit; decomposition; desk clerk; dialogue; diary; dice; digit; "done deal"; door; doorway; DNA; Earth; elliptical orbit; entrance; environment; equation; Evans; "excuse me"; exit; experience; exploratory shuttle; explorer ship; eye (anatomy); eye (storm); face; face value; Fermat, Pierre de; Fermat's last theorem; fictional character; "five card Charlie"; floor; fool; "for example"; French; frequency; frequency range; front desk; fun; gambler; gambling; "go ahead": "go down the tube"; grandmother; green light; guest; guide; guilt; "have got the brass"; "hit me"; home; horse racing; hotel; Hotel Royale; Hotel Royale's manager; Human; hurricane; husband; hydrogen-carbon helix; hydrogen; hypothesis; identity scan; "I don't know": illusion; "in charge"; "in fact"; "in the hope that": "in theory"; information; inheritance; interference; investor; Jack; July; kilometer; king; kitchen; Klingon; Klingon cruiser (unnamed); knot; landing party; Las Vegas; launch date; life sign; lifeform; lifestyle; lobby; location; "lock, stock, and barrel"; "losing my shirt"; lothario; love affair; Lubbock; luck; machine; main door; "make-believe"; malice; manager; margin; mind; mister; math; mathematician; Matthews, Todd; meter; meters per second; methane; mile; million; molecule; money; month; mood; murder; name; NASA; NCC-7100; neon; night; nitrogen; note; novel; number; number one; object; odds; "of course"; page; parking; parking lot attendant; pattern; pavement; permission; personal life; phaser; phrase; place; plain; playing card; poker; probability; proof; purchase price; puzzle; readout; real life; reason; research; "rest in peace"; revolver; revolving door; Richey, Stephen G.; Rita; room; room service; room service help; Royale; sale price; Schmitt; second-rate novel; shoe; "shut my mouth"; sickness; signal; "sit down"; sleep; slot machine; "snake eyes"; Sol system; solution; sound; starship; status; sterility; Stetson; storm; storm belt; story; structural integrity; structure; subplot; suggestion; suit; surface temperature; table; telemetry; telephone; Texas; Texas' ex-wife; text; "thank you"; Theta VIII; Theta 116 solar system; thinking; thought; thousand; time period; tornado; train; train station; transmission; transporter room; tricorder; trip; turbolift; turkey; United Federation of Planets; United States of America; United States dollar; value; Vanessa's husband; voice; wagon; web; Wise County; "what the hell": whole number; wind; word. Riker walks over, insisting that they leave. He also reports that they have found a diary with only one entry, which he reads aloud. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. After the bell boy leaves, Riker tells the assistant manager he wants to leave. "We call it Theta VIII." "The Royale's exits are clearly marked. Riker wonders why someone would go to the trouble of making a false casino for a dead man. The man advises her to take a hit, while Data advises the opposite. He would contribute to only one more episode, ", In the original script, the astronaut survivor was the last of a crew of seven to die.

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